The Library of the College is one of the best and the biggest library in the State. It has over 52000 books and a large number of law reports and journals. The Faculty Library caters to the needs of students and researchers engaged in legal studies and intensive research. Library has the proud privilege of producing the best of teachers, researchers, scholars, legal luminaries and jurists. The Library uses LIBSOFT, (Library Software) for the issue and return of the books with the bar code method. It is about 5340 sq.ft. An active internet facility is provided. The reading area is well furnished with reading table and chairs. There is separate section for mooters for their preparations. Card system and RF. ID system is followed for lending books and electronic equipments for same is arranged.The Library is under CCTV surveillance. Seat of the Librarian is in glass chamber. Two Photostat machines desktop with wi-fi connection is provided. Toilet facility is provided in the Library for staffs.



General Law Books                                      -     25370

Reference Books                                           -    3014

Book Bank Scheme Books                          -     4673

UGC                                                                 -     2502

Compliment Books                                       -     254

Journals (Including Law Reports)

Bound volumes                                             -     5887

Total Collection                                              -    41700

Total No. of Text Books                              -    32799



LIBSOFT, (Library Software) is using for lending of books. Members are eligible for borrowing books from the library as follows.

1. LLB Students                                -   3 Books

2. LLM Students                               -   7 Books

3. Research Scholars                       -   7 Books

4. Teaching Staffs                              -   10 Books

5. Book Bank Scheme Students       -   5 Books



The Government Law College Thiruvananthapuram is the first among the four Government law colleges to publish an ISBN publication under the initiative of IQAC namely Legal WRIT. The uniqueness of this journal is that it is a compilation of peer reviewed articles exclusively by students of the college. The college is also intending to launch a Law Journal namely Journal of Trivandrum Law College (JTLC). The ISSN numbering of the journal is under processing. Under the initiative of V.R.Krishna Iyer Chair on ADR Mechanisms an inhouse working paper named La Justicia as a quarterly volume was prepared and is under circulation and dissemination. Faculties, Researchers and PG students in Law have contributed in this publication



  • AIR (All India Reporter)
  • Complete High Court Cases of Kerala
  • Indian Law Reports
  • Consumer Protection Reports
  • Kerala Law Decision
  • Kerala Law Times
  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Supreme Court Journal
  • Education Law Cases
  • Supreme Court Reports
  • Indian Judgment Reports
  • Indian Bar Review
  • Journal of the Indian Law Institute



  • Manupathra
  • SCC-Heins Law Journal
  • AIR –till 2013 CDROM
  • AIR online E-Journal