well developed infrastructural facilities

The college is situated in the heart of the Thiruvananthapuram City and is in possession of 4.25 acres of land.  We have sufficient number of buildings and class rooms.  The college has one of the largest law libraries in Kerala.  Kerala University has recognized our college as a Research Centre in Law.  We have a Ladies’ hostel in our college campus which can accommodate about 140 students.  So also, our boy students are accommodated in the University Men’s Hostel.  We have a seminar hall with all modern facilities.  We have a Computer Cell having facilities of online law journals.  Each year from Kerala Government’s Budget allocation about 1.5 crores is being allotted. The college infrastructure comprise of Administrative block, Library, Class rooms, Research Centre, Common amenity room for boys and girls, canteen,  Volley ball Court, Net practice space, Computer centre, Language Lab, Seminar Hall, Moot Court Hall, staff rooms. Staff toilets, Hostel Office, Girls and boys toilets and Legal Aid Clinic.


The administrative block of the college encompass the principal's room, confidential Assistant's room, well arranged cubicle for each and every administrative staff.



For boys

The amenity room is situated keeping a reasonable distance from the academic environment of the college but at the very same time well within the scrutiny of college authority. It is 1100 Sq.ft. The students are provided with materials of indoor games like caroms, chess, scrabbles etc…The students used to exchange their intellectual ideas in the room. The room is often called the platform for intellectuals’ ideas.

For girls

Ladies amenity room is positioned at the heritage building which comprises all the necessary facilities to meet the basic needs of girl students such as sanitary napkin vending machine, incinerator, dining table, toilets, water purifier and so on. It is 1200 Sq.ft. Whenever the girls are in need of taking rest or are of sick, they can easily avail the facilities of this room.


Classrooms are our tool for more effective and efficient teaching. .In order to cater the needs of our modern education and to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning process GLC, Tvpm has revolutionized the notion of the class room with state of  fully equipped Smart Classroom. It provides the pupil-teachers with firsthand experience demonstration and practical skill development to handle with dexterity different equipment. These rooms are designed with whiteboards and projectors. Collar mike is provided for teachers. Lectern or podium is in every class room. The classrooms are very spacious with proper ventilation and contain ample number of desks and benches for students. PG classes are furnished with Jefferson chairs. There are thirteen class rooms in the campus.


In order to provide an opening for the varied extracurricular activities, there is a Volley ball Court and Net practice space open for the young talents. Apart from the above mentioned activities there are provisions for pruning the students’ aspiration for football, cricket and boxing. The college boasts off the talents and is evident from the prize winning teams glare as examples. In addition to the outdoor activities we college open vistas for indoor activities like caroms, chess etc. The college provides fund to conduct annual sports meet.


The college has a hygienic canteen which ensures delicious food direct from kitchen at affordable price. The canteen has got seating capacity of 60 with separate cabin for staff. It is 800 Sq.Ft


The college has a fully equipped and functional computer lab accustomed to meet the needs of law students. The College has a computer Centre with 10 Computers with internet and printers facility for the use of students. A nominal fee of Rs. 5 per hour and printing charges are collected from the students to regulate the misuse of facility. Photocopying facilities are also made available. Further fifteen computers with wifi internet facility is made available to students at the college library. So also internet facility with computers is provided exclusively to PG and Research scholars at Research center.


The seminar hall in the college is equipped with the latest Audio and Visual equipments for the conduct of Presentations, Seminars and personality development . The hall is furished with Comfortable Chairs with 100 Seating Capacity with Projector Wi-Fi, Audio & Video Facilities ..


The moot court plays a pivotal role in imparting the skills of advocacy. The college is adorned with a state of the art moot court hall, in the name of the renowned legal luminary and a pioneer in the field of clinical legal education Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon. The hall is an exact replica of a real life court room with a witness box, dock and seats for bar and bench and is 1200 Sq.ft.

The college has a Moot Court Society under the leadership of  Dr.Meenakumary.S and is.assisted by Viji.S and Dr.Anju Rajan.V. The College is hosting All India Moot Court Competition for Justice V R Krishna Iyer Everrolling Trophy, every year and the society provides fund and training for the mooters of the college.


The Government Law College has established a model finishing school in the 2014-2015 academic years. It provides inclusive training and coaching for LL.B five year students for competitive examinations based on LL.B qualification.



  • Guiding students for the placement in credible work fields

  • Conducting seminars, group discussions, mock interviews as part of career guidance and personality development.
  • Coordinating efforts of students in arranging industrial training for them
  • Acting as an information centre for students in job opportunities and competitive examinations


    The above objectives will be achieved through various programs namely:

    • Orientation to professional studies
    • Professional goal settings

    • Shaping the attitude

    • Career orientation through practical training

    • Client counseling

    • Trial advocacy

    • Training on ADR mechanisms

    • Drafting and Pleadings

    • Learning skills

    • Communication skills

    • Presentation skills

    • Resume/CV development

    • Interim assessment to grade the participants

    • Refresher training based on the findings of the assessment

    • Aptitude training based on various examinations

    • Training on group discussion

    • Training on interview skills

    • Mock recruitment