Boys hostel

Separate accommodation is provided to male students who are admitted to the college at University Hostel Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram. A separate block is provided to the inmates of this college.


Ladies Hostel and Hostel Office

Situated within the college premises the ladies hostel houses over 160 female inmates from various classes. The GLC men’s hostel was converted into women’s hostel in the year 2012. The hostel building is well secured with a compound wall and has many other facilities including a cyber room, T.V. Room, reading room, sick room, common room and a spacious and hygienic mess hall. Mess fee and other charges are calculated on the basis of dividing system. The hostel office functions within the hostel premises. The office is managed by the Hostel Warden and administrative staffs including Clerk, Matron, attendant, security staff, cooks, sanitation workers etc. it is 31000 Sq.Ft.

 The present warden is Dr.Meenakumary.S